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Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Harmful Sexual Behaviour

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PSHE Lesson resource on the issue of peer on peer harmful sexual behaviour with a particular focus on inappropriate comments and touching. The lesson gets pupils to use a variety of scenarios to consider how those on the receiving end of sexual comments and behaviours might feel (even if there is no negative intent by those carrying them out). The lesson also considers why victims might not speak up about these things and why it is important we address them as well as the law around these behaviours. A writing task (with optional writing frame) gives pupils the opportunity to again consider the consequences for all involved.

This is an easy to follow power point lesson (no prior planning, printing or preparation required). The resource is designed to be delivered as one 60 minute lesson but all of our resources are fully editable and designed to allow sections to be added, removed or changed should you need to do so.

No previous knowledge in the subject area is needed, the lesson is easily deliverable by someone who is not a subject specialist or an experienced PSHE teacher. Meets PSHE Guidance

Lesson includes-
Clear and accurate information
Discussion and feedback tasks
Starter and plenary task
Scenario Task
Writing Frame
Ask an expert further support slide
Related careers slide
Reflection time slide

In response to current educational research on cognitive load, our lessons contain minimal unnecessary text or imagery in order to enhance memory of key information

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