Terms and Conditions

Individual Resource Terms and Conditions

The purchase of our individual resources is for use by the teacher who has purchased the resource / the resource has been purchased on behalf of.  If you require a licence for use by more than one teacher please let us know.  Under no circumstances are lessons or parts of to be copied or shared, either for profit or for free, this would be an infringement of Copyright.  This applies to paid for and free resources.


Subscription Service Terms and Conditions

Our subscription service will begin on the date access is provided to our shared folders and access will be for 365 days.  Those who have made the purchase will have access to both our Microsoft and Google shared drives, the resources will be the same (or as similar as is possible) in both drives.  Upon payment and details being shared, the purchaser will receive an invitation email from each drive.  If this is not received for any reason, contact should be made via the youcantknoweverything@gmail.com email address as soon as possible.  This is the responsibility of the customer.  Our subscription service gives you access to all current resources, new resources will also be added regularly and will be included in the price paid.  We do not automatically renew subscriptions, when renewal is due an email will be sent to known email addresses related to the account.  If a renewal  payment is made, this will add a further 365 days to the scheduled end date.  If a renewal is not made, the subscription will end 365 days after your initial purchase.  Our individual subscription provides access to the drive for one teacher, resources should not be shared beyond this teacher.  Our school subscription provides access to the drive for up to five teachers, resources should not be shared beyond these teachers.  New lesson content and resources may be requested and will be considered where appropriate but there is no guarantee that this will be added.


Bespoke Lesson Creation

We offer bespoke lesson creation to meet the needs of teachers and schools.  The pricing of these resources will depend on the length of time needed for creation and the likelihood for future demand.  All bespoke resources created will also be shared with other teachers in order to keep prices as low as possible.  The content remains the intellectual property of Youcantknoweverything Education but may be shared within a school.

Sharing Resources With Parents

We are happy for resources to be shared with parents where a school deems this necessary and consider copyright risks.

Dissatisfaction Policy

If a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase, they should initially contact us at youcantknoweverything@gmail.com setting out clearly why there is dissatisfaction. We will endeavour to rectify the issue within seven days.