Resource Subscription

For only £29.99 per year, you can have unlimited, individual access to all of our resources available on the website (plus bonus resources) as well as the new resources added weekly or for £39.99 we can provide access for up to five teachers from the same school.  We do not use automatic renewal.  All of our resources can be downloaded, saved and edited.

To sign up to our annual subscription service please make payment for the relevant service and email with the heading UNLIMITED, giving us details of the email address(es) you require access for.  Access will be granted within 48 hours and is via a secure shared drive.

Payment can be made directly using the site or we are can send an invoice to yourself or your school or college in order to allow for payment by bank transfer.  Please send invoice requests to  Please also let us know if a receipt is required.

£29.99 Individual Annual Subscription Purchase here

£39.99 School Annual Subscription Purchase here